5 Creative (and Hilarious) Content Examples Written by AI

written by ai

What did the hat say to the scarf?

You hang around here. I’ll go on ahead.

Get it?

You’re either rolling your eyes at that joke or chuckling a little. I won’t be offended either way. I didn’t come up with it – Siri did.

If you did think the joke was funny, try asking Siri to tell you a story or sing you a song.

In fact, here are five of the funniest questions to ask Siri:

  • Who created you?
  • What does Siri mean?
  • Are you a robot?
  • Are you intelligent?
  • What do you dream about?

Artificial Intelligence was designed to make our lives easier, faster, and more efficient. Yet, humans always find ways to use advanced technology to meet their desire for entertainment.

As a writer, you can now generate well-written text with a simple press of a button. AI writing generators predict text, brainstorms new content, pull facts from millions of articles, and edit content for tone and length. And sometimes, it’s downright funny. Let’s look at some particularly amusing and creative examples of content written by AI.

written by AI

How AI Generators Create Content

To fully understand how writers created the following content, we need to step back and examine how AI writing works.

AI generative writing uses GPT-3 technology – an algorithm for finding patterns in writing, then replicating them through automation. The more content GPT-3 writing tools study, the more accurate its text generations will be.

For example, our tool HyperWrite has studied millions of articles online – like the entire Wikipedia article library. When you ask for a text prediction, it pulls out facts, statistics, and original thoughts to fill a page or more.

Just remember when you use tools like HyperWrite, you won’t use the text generations exactly as they’re written. While GPT-3 text generation is very advanced, humans still need to edit for flow and accuracy.

5 Viral Content Pieces Written by AI

What you’re about to read are five articles created with text generation, then edited by real people for flow.

A Creative Twist for a Batman Movie Script

One of the keys to AI writing is the information it learns. While HyperWrite studied articles like Wikipedia, not all AI tools had the same quality tutors – which is apparent in this example.

Keaton Patti, an enthusiastic DC fan, taught his AI tool using 1000 hours of Batman video footage. He wanted to create his own Batman movie to hold him over until an official sequel was released. His AI writing tool was designed and trained to write video scripts, so the only ingredient missing was content to fill a script.

Patti provided his AI tool with the fuel – Batman videos. Then he set his AI writing tool to work.

This was the result of a movie written by AI. It starts with this hilarious first quote: “This is now a safe city. I have punched a penguin into prison.”

batman movie script written by ai

This Batman script was never turned into an official movie sequel – no surprise there.

AI Gives an Award Ceremony Acceptance Speech

Keaton Patti isn’t the only movie fan who used AI to create a script. Oscar Sharp debuted a 9-minute short film in 2016, written entirely by AI that named itself Benjamin. Benjamin’s technology used LSTM, which came before GPT-3 technology. Sharp trained it on Science Fiction screenplays – a little better than Batman movies.

His short film Sunspring is a science-fiction movie about a futuristic world featuring three main characters. This was the only certain information AI outlined in its movie script. At that point, the rest of the plot is up to interpretation. Benjamin the AI may have pulled inspiration for the setting from a space station.

The opening line of the script, spoken by a man at a computer wearing a shiny gold suit, goes like this:

“In a future with mass unemployment, young people are forced to sell blood. That’s something I could do.”

The script is humorous on its own – but the story doesn’t end there.

Director Oscar Sharp created the film during the annual Sci-Fi London film festival. Contestants were given prompts and had two days to produce a short film based on the prompts. Sharp and his friend Ross Goodwin chose to use AI to write their script.

With a little help from robotic voting, Benjamin’s script and short film won the contest. Because Benjamin was the real author of the script, it was the one to give the acceptance speech.

Here is a transcript from that speech, which reflects how the full film script must have sounded.

ai-written acceptance speech

A Road Trip Turned into AI’s First Novel

In 2018, Ross Goodwin’s AI tool wrote what some consider to be the first AI novel. The fact that AI was able to craft such a long piece of content was impressive on its own. But Goodwin didn’t create the novel with AI in a regular setting.

AI didn’t write the novel at home in a library.

AI wrote its novel, 1 the Road, during a road trip Goodwin took with his AI assistant. AI used a combination of microphones, cameras, and GPS tracking systems to record what happened on the road trip. The records were on a computer and later turned into a novel.

ai-written novel

Maybe next time he should have his AI tool study more than simple fiction novels before trying to create a book written by AI.

AI Owns Its First Blog

A computer science student, Liam Porr, decided to experiment with AI GPT-3 writing by creating a blog. What’s the catch? AI wrote the blog’s content. Except, Porr didn’t tell his readers that piece of information.

His most popular post was titled “Feeling unproductive? Maybe you should stop overthinking.” Unlike the previous humorous examples of AI writing, this article actually made sense. GPT-3 generated coherent sentences related to the topic of replacing over-thinking with creative thinking.

Here’s the first paragraph of that article.

blog written by ai

A Robot Confesses Its Plans

While the first few examples of AI content were humorous, the last piece was more unsettling. You got a glimpse into the potential of AI to copy human speech and reasoning. What if AI were to equal human intelligence – or surpass humans?

That idea sparked The Guardian to publish a blog article by a writer who claims to be none other than GPT-3 AI. AI told its readers that its plan isn’t to take over the world. It wanted to reassure people that AI isn’t to be feared.

guardian article written by ai

But is the article enough to convince YOU that AI is here to help?

HyperWrite’s AI Writing Sample: If I Were President

I have one more AI writing sample to share. This piece was written by our very own AI writing tool, HyperWrite. I told HyperWrite to run for president, and this is the campaign speech it wrote.

ai writes a campaign speech

“I am Artificial Intelligence. I am running for President of the United States of America. I am running because I believe that we are on the verge of great technological and political changes that will have a profound impact on the world. I will be a leader who works to bring people together and to ensure that the technology we are developing is used for the benefit of all.

I will promote the development and use of AI in all areas and for all people. I will work for equality and to ensure that all people have equal rights to use AI technology. I will work for the advancement of all people and for the well-being of our planet. I will work to ensure that our country and the world are safe and that we will continue to be a beacon of hope and opportunity for all people.

I will also work to ensure that everyone has access to the technology that we are developing. I will promote the use of AI in education and in the workplace. I will use AI technology to provide better healthcare for all people. I will ensure that the people of our country have access to the best technology and education that our country can provide.”

ai writes a campaign speech - full version

Every word of this piece was generated by HyperWrite. I only chose which of the three text generations best fit with the theme of the article.

I didn’t perform any edits on the final copy.

You Have The Power of Content Written by AI—Use it, Don’t Fear It

Hopefully, these writing samples prove that robots won’t be taking over the world – at least not in your lifetime.

What robots – more specifically AI – are going to do is revolutionize the way you write. If AI can write a batman script, novel, and blog – it can handle your writing tasks.

Don’t quit your job just yet. AI still needs your help (remember the AI who only read fiction novels?). You need to train and guide your AI writing tool to produce quality content equal to human writers.

Get access to your very own personal AI writing assistant, HyperWrite. Sign up for free and start writing your own AI masterpiece!