How AI-Generated Writing Saves You Time

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Author Carl Sandburg, three-time Pulitzer Prize winner, famously said:

“Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.”

How are you spending your time?

Most full-time workers spend 8.5 hours a day working – which isn’t surprising since a 40-hour workweek is average.

What is surprising is just 130 years ago, workers clocked 100 hours each week.

That’s over 50% more hours spent at work than people spend today!

AI-generated writing is here to stay—because with this incredible technology, content creators can now save 50% of their time. And we all know the amounts of painstaking time content takes to create.

If you only worked half of your current workweek, what would you do with the extra time?

Read? Spend time with your family? Focus on other work projects?

Whatever you do, more time to relax or build yourself up is never a bad idea. Here’s how AI-generated writing in particular saves you time.

ai generated writing

AI-Generated Writing and Its Many Abilities

Would you rather drive a Tesla Model 3 or a 1908 Model T to work?

Times change and bring new technology with each new era. This technology makes life easier and more convenient. Just like the transportation industry introduced the new Model 3, the writing industry is bringing in its own new technology.

Writers went from pen and paper to typewriters. Eventually, typewriters faded out of use with the introduction of computers. The latest technology for writers?

AI-generated writing.

AI generators use GPT-3 language processing tools to create human-like content. For example, if I were to write a paragraph about why I love AI writing generators using our GPT-3 AI tool, HyperWrite, it would look like this:

writing about why i love ai writing generators with ai generated writing

Does that text sound like a human wrote it? That’s the goal of AI writing.

I generated the entire piece through HyperWrite in less than a minute. I didn’t have to brainstorm ideas, outline thoughts, research what others were saying, or write a single word other than the title.

If that’s what AI writing saved me in time and effort for a single paragraph, imagine its potential for completing large blocks of content!

Good news, you don’t need to imagine. We’ll show you how AI saves you time in content creation.

The Average Time Spent on Content Creation

Content creation includes:

  • Blog posts
  • Social media updates
  • Emails
  • Newsletters
  • Whitepages
  • Books and ebooks
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • And so much more!

If writing were easy, freelance writers wouldn’t have an average salary of over $63,000. Creating quality content takes time – and a lot of it.

Here’s an infographic showing just how much time famous authors took writing their masterpieces.

how long famous writers spent on their novels

Let’s compare that chart to some other writing statistics.

The average time to type 1,500 words of straight text is 37.5 minutes.

Content creators spend an average of 3-4 hours writing the same length blog post. From start to finish, that same blog post could take weeks before it’s published.

HelloFresh shared that it takes them nearly two hours to create one Facebook post, whereas an Instagram post by popular influencers might take 20-30 minutes.

How AI-Generated Writing Cuts Content Creation Time by 50%

Let’s think back on the Tesla Model 3 and Model T. The Model T drove up to around 40 miles per hour. Meanwhile, the Tesla Model 3 has a top speed of 162 miles per hour. But this jump didn’t happen overnight.

Will AI writing assistants replace human writers? No one knows, just like no one knew for sure cars would increase in speed by over 100 miles per hour.

Just imagine how scared people driving Model Ts would have been if they knew cars would drive 162 miles per hour! But today, knowing what we know now about technology, 162 miles an hour is nothing to fear.

AI technology will change in the future – and our lives with it. But the entire world is changing with us. By the time AI technology gains the knowledge equal to humans, who knows where humans will be!

With current technology, GPT-3 writing tools like HyperWrite work alongside human writers to generate content faster and more efficiently. GPT-3 technology makes the best AI writer. Here are a few examples of how HyperWrite does this – cutting your content creation time by 50%.

You Can Skip the Brainstorming Stage

An ideal brainstorming session should last about 30 minutes. First, a team comes up with a topic for the content. Next, the team designates a set amount of time. During this time, everyone throws out ideas and writes them down to evaluate later.

When a writer is working on a project alone, they can use Google search for their brainstorming teammate. Google provides top results and ideas to spark a writer’s creativity.

HyperWrite can replace Google as your brainstorming companion.

Instead of spending time on Google search, input your topic into HyperWrite. Allow HyperWrite to perform the search for you – coming up with topic ideas based on its expansive knowledge from studying millions of online books and articles.

Here’s an example of HyperWrite’s brainstorming ideas on the topic of “Fastest Cars in 2021.”

HyperWrite gave me facts, statistics, and topics relating to the fastest cars of today – saving me a 30-minute brainstorming session.

Write an Ugly Rough Draft with Ease

The time it takes to write your first draft will depend on how fast you can think and type simultaneously.

That first draft won’t be pretty – that’s why people call it an “ugly” first draft. It’s your thought-stream poured onto paper. You don’t need it to be grammatically correct, flow, or make sense. You only need to get your thoughts from your head onto the page.

The average person has 6,000 thoughts each day. That’s 250 thoughts an hour – or four thoughts a minute.

Let’s see how many unique thoughts on the fastest cars HyperWrite can come up with in one minute.

ai-generated text in 1 minute

With each paragraph being a unique thought, HyperWrite had five thoughts in a minute. That’s more than the average person. At this speed of thought, you would save 20% of your rough draft writing time by using AI-generated content.

Generate New Ideas in Seconds

Writers have many tricks and routines that help them generate new ideas. Some ways you can come up with creative angles for your writing are by:

  • Reading what others created
  • Going for a walk and observing your surroundings
  • Talking with other creatives for inspiration
  • Keeping a journal to record your thoughts
  • Taking time to exercise or meditate

Sometimes you’ll run into writer’s block and need to step away from writing to spend an hour refreshing your mind before jumping back into your work.

With HyperWrite, you can skip the interruptions and keep writing, even when you run out of ideas. HyperWrite generates three new ideas with just a click of a button which breaks any writer’s block.

After writing the last paragraph, I asked HyperWrite to generate ideas for the next line. Here are three sentences it suggested.

ai-generated text

Using HyperWrite’s instantaneous suggestions saves me anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours of wrestling with writer’s block.

Edit Content with Your Personal AI Editor

After finishing your rough draft, you begin editing – another long step.

On average, an editor takes an hour to edit 2-6 pages with one page having about 250 words. Thus, editing a 1,500-word blog post at a rate of 3 pages an hour would take two hours.

Using AI-generated writing tools like HyperWrite and Grammarly together cuts your editing time in half. Grammarly catches your grammar mistakes while HyperWrite suggests rewrites for shortening or lengthening your content to improve its flow.

I entered part of this article into HyperWrite to demonstrate the editing feature of our tool.

HyperWrite editing tool

When I highlight a long sentence, HyperWrite gives me four editing options.

  1. Outward arrows: Use this button to expand the text. HyperWrite generates three new versions of that sentence, but with added thoughts to make it longer.
  2. Inward arrows: This feature keeps your text concise. HyperWrite takes the information in my sentence and suggest three new shorter sentences.
  3. T-shirt icon: When you click this button, HyperWrite changes the tone of the sentence to something more casual – ideal for blog writing and social media posts.
  4. Button-up shirt icon: If you’re writing with an academic style, click the button-up shirt icon for three sentence generations using a formal tone.

Two heads are better than one. While HyperWrite isn’t a physical head, it does takes some of the guesswork out of editing. With HyperWrite’s help, you can edit your content 50% faster.

Cut Your Work Time in Half

It’s a fact – you will get tired, lose your focus, get distracted, and spend more time than you should on your writing projects.

If you’re a writer, you know time is money. You can break this vicious cycle by cutting your writing time in half.

We’ve created a tool that lets you write faster and more efficiently.

I’m not talking about just writing.

I’m talking about all your work – from research to writing to editing to proofreading to formatting.

What is it?

It’s our AI writing generator, HyperWrite.

What you just read was AI-generated content by HyperWrite. I wrote 100 words in under a minute!

Sign up for a HyperWrite plan and start using it to cut your work time in half.

ai generated content